Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 24 Movie

Does anyone else think they should have ended the series well and forgotten about this whole movie idea?

I mean of course it's going to be decent but 99.9999% of the time movies based off TV shows suck compared to the show or just suck all together.

That's because with a tv show you are used to having 16-24 episodes to get to know the characters, have a long story, more adventures, etc. Then a movies comes along and it's nothing like the show, all supped up like some damn amusement park ride with a bunch of cheap thrills and that's that.

It's the same with video game movies. So I'm sure 24 could do it, but I highly doubt they will make a movie worthy of the show because they'll want bigger names and such. Other than Kiefer I doubt they'll use anyone from the series, like Tony, Chloe, Kim , Audrey, Mike Novick, Aaron, etc. Instead they'll give us all these new characters, that no one will give a shit about because a two hour movie is nothing to get to know these news characters like we've gotten to know the others.

Overall I think it could turn out good, or that's just me hoping it will, but should have never been done. The series should have ended way better than it did and the movie should never happen.